Immigration DNA Test

DNA Testing

The Immigration DNA Testing Center at Adulis Enterprises is working in collaboration with Internationally renowned and accredited laboratories to facilitate identity test. We offers immigration DNA testing for citizenship and immigration clearance for immigrants and international clients and agencies in the Washington D.C. Metro area. The laboratories we are working with has extensive... Read More

Order DNA Test

Call our DNA specialists at toll free 571-332-0736. Our office will require case number of the DNA test request letter, which is issued by a U.S. embassy or other immigration office to be faxed at 301-565-4911 or emailed to our office at This letter must have the names of the petitioner/beneficiary and the immigration case number.

Attend Sample Collection Appointment

Samples are collected by our lab technicians in our office location. For overseas parties, the U.S. Embassy arranges sample collection appointments). Once the immigration office has received our DNA sample collection materials samples are returned through proper chain of custody, the DNA testing laboratory will immediately begin the testing process.


Immigration Testings

Maternity m,ch,f


Diseased Sample

Semen Screening

Sibling Study


Receive Results

Results will be available within 5-7 business days, upon our receipt of all samples and will be mailed to the authorized designee(s) and/or Embassy/immigration office.

Results will only take a few weeks